Our Process

At Lakeview Builders, we understand that having work done on your home can be stressful. This is where you and your family call home and that is why we'll guide you through every step of the process so that it is not overwhelming or chaotic. With Lakeview Builders, you can feel confident that we’ll apply our craftsmanship, resources, and capabilities to take your dreams and make them alive.

  • Explore

    • The first step in the process is an initial meeting where we have an opportunity to listen to your dream for the space. You’ll be able to speak with your team member who understands all the aspects of the remodeling process. And, we’ll discuss important project considerations, such as budgeting, construction planning, and timelines.

  • Design

    • During the Design phase, we’ll begin to explore design options by sketching different floor plans. With them, we’ll propose preliminary material selections and begin to define budgeting, timeframes, and specifications.

  • Refine

    • Once we receive your input, we’ll refine the design and specifications. With your plan in place, we will be to finalize your interior finishes, cabinetry, tile, countertops, and more. 

  • Build​​​​​​​

    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​When it’s time to start your project, you’ll meet with your Project Manager and talk about project phases and goals during the initial meeting. From that very first nail, we pay great attention to craftsmanship and quality.